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What we offer

Video is the ultimate tool of digital marketing



Coverage of any corporate live event, create the video that will advertise your brand and provide live streaming services to broadcast your conference!



We create dynamic advertising videos to represent your business online and video advertising campaigns that will lead to sales!

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Post Production

We take care of the editing of the video you have already recorded, the soundtrack and sound effects that may be needed, the coloring and you get the final video!


Social Media Content

Full content production for social media, product photography, lifestyle photography, short videos, vertical videos and whatever a modern business needs!

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From the script, organization, DOP, sound engineer and costume designer to the actors and models that a modern production will need, we can handle it!

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We love adventure and can take on any small documentary you are making, travel shows or interviews with historical or cultural significance!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine what a video is worth!

Upgrade your business profiles on social media with content that gives value to your customer and not just an image!

Why Choose us

We make your business look good.

Professional Gear

We are constantly upgrading our equipment to be able to offer cinematic image and value to our customers

Fast Delivery

In the world of social media you can't wait. We have the fastest delivery on the market, and it's not marketing, it's the truth!

Broad Partnerships

We are proud of our partners! We maintain partnerships with large companies as well as individual professionals to be able to meet your every need!

Top Recommendations

We are especially happy that our company has managed to get such a high rating from our customers' reviews! That's why it's worth trying even harder every day!

24/7 Support

Our mentality is purely customer-centric. So we are always available to help even after the delivery of the final video but also during production at any time!

Affordable Price

Cost remains a key element in any business. We are happy to be able to offer quality video production services at the most competitive prices on the market!

Most Popular Questions

Here you will solve some of your basic questions. If we don’t cover you then you can always contact us!

It's probably the most common question, but it shouldn't be your first! You should first ask yourself what you have to gain from a promotional video and then calculate the cost! There are many variables that lead to the issuance of an official offer, but to have an idea, a shoot at your headquarters with some basic equipment, camera, light, microphone and full time, i.e. about 6-8 hours, will cost you about €299

If we will arrange and organize the shooting for your next advertising project, then your only obligation is that everything must be clean, placed in its place, that there are no irrelevant objects in the shooting area and that you have generally taken care of the image of the places we will shoot! You do not have any other obligation, we will undertake the processing of the filming as agreed upon when issuing our offer!

Don't worry, that's why you found pixel. We have partners who will meet your every need so that we can complete and transform your idea into a video! We have a scriptwriter, cinematographer, make-up artist, actors and models to use, whoever is needed!

We can undertake any type of production inside and outside of Greece, the full transport of the required equipment, staff and even rent equipment or find professionals from other areas to cover the production and execution of your project! The sky is our only limit!