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Dimitris Balomenos
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Our latest video production

Maravel Garden can really elevate your senses! An atmospheric promotional video with a “documentary” style of picture! We try to reproduce the 5 senses that can be satisfied in this beautiful natural landscape. Many thanks to our model Katerina Spiridaki for her incredible acting!


We created the digital content of “Kafkalas Butcher Shop”, to be used in social media profiles & advertising campaigns of the brand. A series of short & dynamic videos for product promotion.

Social media content creation in order to inform and raise public awareness about the beneficial abilities of snail products. The company “Escargot De Crete” is based in the area of Latzima, Rethymno.

Production of content for the company “Simon’s Burger” in Kalyves, Chania. Food videos for the renewal of the company’s profile on social media.


Advertising video with full presentation of the facilities of the “2 The moon” store, in the area of Stalis in Heraklion. Complete illustration of the facilities and the products it provides to its customers. It was used in an advertising campaign but also for the general promotion of the company in the tourist area it belongs to.

A series of three medium-length commercial clips to represent the brand on the internet. The company “Georgioupolis Safari” operates in the area of Georgioupolis Chania & offers tourism services, renting boats, 4×4 cars & ATVs.

Advertising video for the promotion of the store on the internet & its promotion on social media through an advertising campaign. We relied on our little heroes, the children, to be able to accurately capture the joy of children’s clothing!

A promotional video to promote the store & inform the public about the services and products it offers.


Our love for arts & culture is obvious, that’s why we want to help artists highlight their work! So we created some music videos for dear friends so that they can be properly advertised in the internet world & promote their work!

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